NowDoctor is making healthcare services convenient and accessible. We provide the highest quality care for the patients through the experience of our medical professionals and the power of technology.

We are a bunch of passionate people from technology and
healthcare domain who want to change the way healthcare is delivered.

NowDoctor is a platform that revolutionises healthcare. You can now get instant consultation from a doctor round the clock. You can save your precious time and dedicate it towards taking care of yourself rather than visiting a clinic. Our platform is fast, easy and reliable. You can get a face to face appointment within few seconds with just few clicks.

NowDoctor also provides prescription and medicine delivery offering attractive discounts on medicines. All doctor-patient interactions, prescriptions and medical data are stored securely.

Video Consultation

In today’s world it is difficult to spare time for own health. We provide telehealth at your fingertips without you requiring to stepping out through our powerful and intelligent platform.

We provide online consultation through qualified health professionals from following medical domains:

  • • General Practitioner
  • • Obstetrician
  • • Gynecologist
  • • Pediatrician
  • • Psychiatrist

Our video consultation platform allows doctors and patients to connect remotely anytime. You can choose the time and length of the appointment. The video consultation can be conducted completely in the comfort of your own home and you get to avoid long hospital queues. Our digital platform is simple yet powerful.

Just because you are choosing telehealth does not mean you have to compromise on the quality of care. You can still choose between various specialists and doctors.  

Experience the Easiest Way To Get Medical Care

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